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Month: May 2019

Rick and Morty Gifts for Fans

Rick and Morty Gifts for Fans

A large number of Rick and Morty fans are waiting for the next gift to come out. The fan base has grown out of control since the year 2017. Rick and Morty show, the show about an old man and a kid traveling through time to discover what is on the other side. Jokes go off the wall and hit you down in the gut. A very funny show to watch late at night when your trying to forget rat race. If you’re a fan of the show, you need to check out the new items the show has available. Wear your show on your body and show people you’re a hardcore fan. Be a fan of something or be like the other boring humans that just watch the news. Here are some gifts that could interest you below.

Buy Rick and Morty Socks

Getting socks is something you need on regular basis, so why don’t you get some Rick and Morty socks. Each pair is licensed by the Rick and Morty show. No knock off packs. Unfortunately, these are not socks you can wear to work because the symbol is in the upper areas. However, the socks are great for sleep overs and hanging out with your friends. Also, watching the show with other people who have been a friend for  a long time. Socks are always nice to have when you want to just relax and think about the stars. Buy them in black or grey color. More colors may be available. Surprisingly, words are written on the socks from the show. Some quotes that are written to remind you of certain funny moments. The material of the socks is 97% polyester and 3% spandex blend.

Have Yourself a Mug From the Show



Not interested in buying socks, then try out the Rick and Morty cofee mug from show. Mugs are always in your hand when you get up in the morning and drink coffee right? Make it happen with a new coffee mug. I got one of these too and I laugh from time to time. The coffee cups come in many colors and there are a few symbols to choose from. Usual symbols will be present on the cups. Your going to get the logos you mainly want from the show. But, there are some other logos that is not from the main characters. In case, there is certain characters or scenes you want to remember more so then the main characters. In general, buy a sweet Rick and Morty coffee mug to enjoy your show and coffee at the same time.

To add, mugs are a good gift to give someone who doesn’t like playing with toys. There are people who think their too good for video games and childish things. Push the ideas of a child back into them and try to get them to slow down in growing by getting them a nice cartoon mug like this one. There are times we forget to be childish and need remembrance.

Color Some Rick and Morty Coloring Books

Surprisingly, coloring books are available for you to pick up if your into coloring. I remember coloring when I was younger and I still do it every other month. I would always pick colors that didn’t belong to see what the characters would look like if they didn’t have the usual colors. Sometimes, my eyes would close while I was coloring and I would dream of scenarios they wasn’t in the main story. My imagination was all over the place and had a lot of fun doing it in my head. My head is kind of strange that way. Always moving over the place and imagining something. That’s what coloring in a book from your favorite TV show does to you. It forces you to become something more then what the core story is asking from you.