Get Properly Hydrated While Working Out

Get Properly Hydrated While Working Out

You need more water when you are in the gym or doing exercises.

It is crucial to stay hydrated when you are working out. However, there are times when it’s just difficult to sense when your tank is already low. The session might just be too intense that the urge to do spend more time to do another couple more rounds is stronger than that of the urge to rehydrate. But if you have the best water bottles for gym, it might just be a different story.

H.H. Mitchell, one of the authors of the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, indicated that the brain and heart are composed of 73% water; the lungs about 83% water. The skin, on the other hand, contains 64% water, the muscles and kidneys have about 79% water, and the bones made up of 31% water. When you workout, you lose much so you need to rehydrate frequently.

Drinking enough water is needed for your joints and body tissues to function properly. It also helps in the regulation of the body temperature, transportation of nutrients, in transporting oxygen to your brain, and in a whole other bodily function.

However, many just don’t know that they are not drinking enough. When we talk about hydration, it’s not just water that matters.

For an average person doing regular less intensive exercise routines, drinking water after a workout is just enough. But if  you’re doing intensive workout routines for more than three hours, you may need more than just water. You need something that has sodium and calcium which you lose when you sweat. Look for a drink that has a lot of cabs as well as it will help re-energize your body. It will be best if it contains protein that can help repair any damage that your workout might have caused to your body.

Your options for this varies: chocolate drinks, coconut water, sports drinks, or any other beverage that you think will provide those essential nutrients mentioned. It is recommended that you find the best water bottles for gym to allow you to store your favorite drink whenever you need to take a sip. Find one that will keep your beverage hot or cold (however you prefer it) longer. One with a double insulated stainless body can keep the cold or hot liquid from messing or staining your stuff if you need to put your water holder where you can comfortably reach for it any time.

When is the best time to drink?

There’s no specific time that you should be rehydrating. The 8 by 8 rule that we have been accustomed to does not really have any scientific basis. You cannot drink more than your body actually needs, though. Overdrinking may cause a condition called hyponatremia. When this happens, the blood sodium levels become abnormally low and can cause rapid brain swelling, coma, and death. Symptoms of this condition include bloating, nausea, confusion, disorientation, and seizures.

The best indicator for you to rehydrate then would be when your body signals that it is thirsty.  There’s no better measure for thirst than our body itself.

There are more sophisticated means to know if  you are thirsty. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specifies a formula to do that as follows:


(sweating rate = pre-exercise body weight – post-exercise body weight +

fluid intake –  urine volume/exercise time in hours)

This basically involves your pre-exercise weight as well as your post-exercise weights. You don’t normally want to do that, though. Just by observing how you sweat, you can determine how much water or liquid you need to take. If you sweat a lot, about 4 to 6 ounces of liquid every 15 to 20 minutes during your workout is just about the right amount you can take to replenish what you have lost when you sweat.

Risks of dehydration

Risks of dehydration

There are so many indicators that your body is already lacking water. One of the most common is of these is fatigue. If you don’t drink sufficient water, your blood gets thicker  because there is not enough water in it. As a result, your heart has to work harder. That means you get exhausted fairly easily.

Other symptoms of dehydration include a dry mouth, dizziness, headache, as well as difficulty breathing. If you will try to push yourself even after experiencing these symptoms, you may just faint any time.

It’s not all about water

It is a common occurrence that you may damage some minor cell or tissue during or after a workout. Drinking a protein-rich beverage after an especially intense workout will not only help replenish loss fluid but will also help repair the damaged cells or tissues.

You may need more than just protein, though. Remember that you used up a great amount of energy while you are doing your  workout. You may also more carbohydrates after your workout. A flavored milk is a good option for fluid replacement.

So if you are scheduled to head over the gym, make sure that you drink enough water at least an hour and a half or two hours before you start your workout. You also need to make sure that you drink enough while working out and after you work out. You may find it troublesome to bring a water bottle with you, but you’ll soon see that it’s definitely worth doing.

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