Maternity Belly Band: A Must-Wear During Pregnancy

Maternity Belly Band: A Must-Wear During Pregnancy

Let’s face it. Pregnancy may be something that you are looking forward to, but not everything about it can be totally exciting. Not only does it let you experience all sorts of unexplainable health issues, but it can also be costly. Part of being costly is the fact that you will need to have maternity clothes and baby’s clothes soon enough. Though you have nine more months to prepare for your baby’s birth, your body can’t wait that long. You will need to do some adjustments with your wardrobe or if you can splurge, buy some maternity clothes that will allow you to work comfortably even with a bulging tummy.

Your belly will start to bulge and may not fit in your garment after a couple of months. That means, if you buy new pants to use for the next few months while you are pregnant, you may not be able to use those pieces of clothing once you have given birth. It will practically be a waste of money, effort, and time. Fortunately, there is another option that will allow you to enjoy wearing pants and other garments without ever having to worry about your tummy. Thanks to the belly band for pregnancy, you can now worry less and enjoy your pregnancy more.

What is a pregnancy belly band?

What is a pregnancy belly band

A belly band is an item of clothing that pregnant women can wear over their baby belly. It looks like a tube top or boob tube. It is cut to look like a wide circular strip of fabric. It is also made to be seamless and knitted to be comfortable when worn. It is designed to fit an expectant mom’s midsection. This practical pregnancy wear is usually made from a combination of materials like cotton, Elastane/Spandex, or Lycra. It is made to be elastic so it can expand with the expectant mom’s growing belly.

There are belly bands that are made with a Velcro band which can be adjusted to securely hold a pregnant mother’s shape and size. Some are knitted or designed to be a continuous band of elasticized fabric. A belly band with wider hems on the top and the bottom will be much comfortable to wear since it will fit more securely on the belly. It will also lessen the probability of the band getting out of place. For a more comfortable fit, opt for one made with Lycra material.

Like any other garments, belly bands come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The quality of the material normally affects the feel of the band when worn. More expensive belly bands tend to be more elastic and lasts longer without sagging.

Why should you wear a belly band?

Why should you wear a belly band

The belly band does not only serve aesthetic purposes, however. It is designed to provide support to the belly as well as the lower back during pregnancy. While wearing one, an expectant mom will find that any pain that she may be experiencing as a result of her pregnancy will noticeably diminish. As the band supports the belly and the growing baby inside your belly while you are doing your daily routines, any pain that you may be experiencing will be drastically lessened.

Some women report less SI joint pain and round ligament pain when wearing belly bands.

Wearing a belly band also makes moving about less taxing for pregnant mothers. You can go about your daily activity with less restriction if you have your belly (and your garment) secured by a belly band. It also supports proper posture.

What are the differences between a belly band and a maternity belt?

Belly bands and belly belts may seem to be similar as they are both used to support the belly and the back. However, a belly belt is designed to be narrower than the band. They are also made of different materials. The belt is usually thicker. The fabric of a belly band is usually more elastic in the belly portion than in any other part of the fabric. Finally, the belly belt may be good in providing support for your belly but not for your pants. You can hold them up better with a belly band.

How do you wear a belly band?

How do you wear a belly band

Whenever you feel or noticed that your pants (or anything that you are wearing down your waist) are too tight, unzip it. Slide the belly band over your head or from your feet up to your belly. You can either fold the belly band in half or just enough to cover the unzipped portion of your pants. Or, you can pull it up to cover your entire belly. With the belly band covering your unzipped pants, you can walk normally without ever having to look for better fitting pants.

No one will notice it, especially if you are wearing a long and wide upper garment. You can feel at ease and still feel good about yourself without ever having to worry that your pants may slip down. The belly band will the work of holding your pants, or whatever you are wearing from your waist down, so you can go back to whatever you are doing.

You can unfold the belly band to cover your entire belly as your baby grows inside your tummy. This will make you feel even more comfortable in your jeans as your belly grows.

If you feel and see that your normal garments are starting to be less comfortable to be worn as your tummy grows, you can opt to wear a belly band instead. This could perhaps be the most practical thing that you can do to worry less about your pregnancy. Take time to choose the best maternity belly band that can help you face the day with a smile rather than a frown. This will also help you enjoy your pregnancy better and ensure that you and your baby will enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

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