The Proper Way to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

The Proper Way to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is something that you would rather have even early in your pregnancy. You can even keep it long after you have given birth as it can provide great comfort and protection even for your new baby. You can find one that will best serve your purpose as these super cushy pillows are available in different sizes and forms. If you have found the best pillow for pregnancy, how will you use it to maximize its benefit? Read on to find out.

Before you look for the right pillow that you will use for pregnancy, you need to have a full understanding of the specific body pains that you are experiencing. This will help you find the right fit, shape, and length for your maternity pillow.

Choosing a Shape

  1. Wedge-shaped maternity pillows. You can prop your head or back while sitting or reclining on a wedge-shaped maternity pillow. You can also use the wedge-shaped pillow to support your back or belly if you need to lie on your side. It’s a portable pillow that you can bring with you wherever you may need one. Though this is smaller than a regular pillow, it can still serve the same purpose. If you prefer a bigger pillow, you will just have to settle for a bigger one instead.
  2. U-shaped pillow. This maternity pillow can provide support to the whole body. It can be a good sleeping buddy, especially if you prefer sleeping on your back. With this pillow supporting your head and your neck, you won’t have to move the pillow if you feel like turning or tossing to the other side of the bed. In the end, you’ll sleep better and longer.

This is the biggest maternity pillow, so if you have a small bed, you may need to look for a smaller alternative.

  1. C-shaped pillow. This maternity pillow is best for a mid-size bed as it is smaller than the U-shaped pillow. Use this pillow when you need support for your head, neck, back, and your pelvic area. Having it around your pelvic area can help reduce the tension there as well as lessen the water retention in your legs and ankles. This type of pillow will suit a plus-size woman best.
  2. J-shaped pillow. Like the U-shaped pillow, the J-shaped pillow will be best suited for those who will need support for the head, neck, and back. Pillows like this will fit well in a mid-sized bed.
  3. Full-length pillow. This is also known as the I-shaped pillow. As it is longer, you can wrap your arms and legs around this maternity pillow. This will not provide much back support, though. There is a flexible version of the full-length pillow which can bend and conform to your body. If you have a better budget for a pillow, it’s best that you get the flexible type instead.

Selecting a High-quality Pillow

  1. Consider the pillow filling. There are several fillings that are used as padding for maternity pillows. Each will require different handling and care procedure. It could be any of these: polyester fiber, Styrofoam ball, microbeads, buckwheat, and other organic materials. Choose one that can be washer-friendly and can keep its form longer. One of the best options will be the pillow with a hollow fiber filling or polystyrene foam. It’s also best that you pick one that can support your weight.
  2. Try a lightweight pregnancy pillow. One that is filled with Styrofoam balls will pass this requirement easily. The balls inside the pillow will also allow the pillow to conform to your body. However, this is a type of pregnancy pillow that is not washable, so if you would opt for this type of maternity pillow, pick one with a removable cover. Note also that a pillow such as this one can be a bit noisy as you move around. If you are not really a deep sleeper, perhaps look for another pillow instead.
  3. Go for a pillow that offers maximum support. Those pillows that are filled with microbeads offer a better support than those with Styrofoam ball filling. These pillows are also lightweight and make very little noise even if you move around. They may or may not be machine washable, however. If you choose one with microbead fillings, pick one with a washable removable cover.
  4. Try a body conforming pregnancy pillow. Pillows for pregnancy that are filled with memory foam conform to your body. They can hold their shape quite well. A big inconvenience with a memory foam is that it is not quite breathable. It can also become very hot while you sleep throughout the night. To make the pillow more breathable, some manufacturers fill other pregnancy pillows with shredded memory foam. So, if you prefer to have one of these, memory foams, this will be a better option.

A pillow for pregnancy can help make your nine months of expecting for your new baby a lot more easier to bear. Make sure that you take time to consider all those mentioned above. There are a number of brands that offer high-quality pillow for pregnancy. Also, take note of the size of the pillow that you intend to buy. A bigger-sized pregnancy pillow is the best in providing the optimum support for your whole body. However, if you do not have a big bed to fit this pillow, you’ll end up getting the pillow dirty easily and won’t be able to use it as it should be used.

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Are you ready to find your next best pillow for pregnancy?

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