Duck Dynasty, DOMA and the Battle of Conviction

Duck Dynasty, DOMA and the Battle of Conviction


Recently, Phillip Robertson released a slew of comments likening homosexuality to bestiality, prostitution, adultery and alcoholism.  In his interview, he also called homosexuals illogical sinners. His grounding for his beliefs? His convictions based on the words of the bible. Those who support him, including Sarah Palin and several other prominent tea party members, have rallied behind the man who stood up for his convictions in the face of popular opinion.

The word stuck with me all this morning. What is conviction? It is simply a firmly held belief or opinion. For decades, homosexual men and women have weathered insults, abuse, even death for their firmly held conviction. These firm beliefs show more muscle than those who quote the bible because dusty books and worldwide support don’t share the weight of judgment when a homosexual’s feet are too tired. These convictions aren’t recognized by organized religions nor have they historically rallied support from others with similar beliefs.  These convictions are so firm and so resilient that they have compelled those who hold them to stand up to ignorance, hate and misunderstanding just because they know in their heart that what they are is good. They showed strength in their convictions because they knew that their love was just love and no one could tell them otherwise.

Those who believe that homosexuality represents anything other than different combinations of two people in love have always belittled the strength of their opposition.  They have continuously underestimated the backbones of gay men and women while resting their convictions on loosely interpreted scripture. It only takes a moment to reflect on the past decade to grasp just how strong our backbones can be.

So when people oppose homosexuality based on their religious beliefs, I just wonder… Whose conviction would you put your money on?

Those who need to reference someone else’s writing to tell you what they believe, or someone who is their own testament to what is true.

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